Generazione Alessandro is the project of three cousins – Benedetto, Anna and Benedetto – who, along with their fathers, have been running the family winery in the province of Palermo. Their passion for viticulture sprung at a young age by actively participating in the family grape harvests. Strengthened by years of honing a wide range of skills in their roles at the Alessandro di Camporeale company, the cousins decided to embark on a new endeavour on Etna, a territory with some of the most diverse viticultural features in the world, giving birth to wines with a unique and strong identity.

Benedetto Alessandro

After his studies in Oenology, he developed his knowledge of wine production thanks to various professional experience in Italy and abroad.

Anna Alessandro

Upon graduating in Law, she joined the family company, focusing on administrative management and developing wine tourism.

Benedetto Alessandro

An Agronomist with a degree in Wine Economics and Marketing, he strongly believes in the valorisation of the territory through the conception and coordination of various promotional activities.